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How are you staying in touch with past clients?

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of staying in contact with past clients. Keeping you and your company at the forefront of their minds is vital for client retention. Staying at the top of their memory is key for them to remember your products or services. Just by one click your clients can also refer you to a family member or friend if they are in need.

Below are some ways you can keep in touch with your client list:

  • Schedule monthly email campaigns that include industry updates, highlighted products, tips, or sale promotions.

  • Send out a mailer. This can be a postcard or greeting card, and are great to send around the holidays, or quarterly!

  • Host a networking event. This is a great way to see clients face to face to make a more personal connection.

  • Give them a call! At the end of the day, people want to hear from YOU! Give them a call to touch base with them.

Reminder: Be kind! (use a graphic that looks like an iPhone reminder, or something similar)

This is your reminder to be kind! The world is a place full of change, especially for businesses, so remember to be understanding as they navigate through these challenges. More often than not, these changes are out of their control and they are doing their best to still provide you with the best products and services possible. We promise, it doesn’t hurt to be nice.

HDM is always here to help.

If you need help putting together a marketing plan to stay in touch with your clients, HDM is here to assist! We understand the importance of leaving a continued good impression on your clients, and can help you put together a plan that is specifically tailored to your market. Give us a call today to start brainstorming!

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