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Does your current branding have you spooked?

Hyper Digital Marketing | Spooked by Marketing

October is by far our favorite month of the year at Hyper Digital Marketing, and this year, we're brewing up something truly enchanting! The team is buzzing with excitement, as we embrace the spirit of cheap thrills and unleash our witchy tactics to cast a spell on the digital marketing world. As the leaves change their hues and a crisp autumn breeze fills the air, we can't help but reflect on how swiftly time has flown by these last few months. It's a reminder that every moment counts, and it's our mission to make each one of them magical for you.

Branding Guidelines | Hyper Digital Marketing Group

Don’t be this client!

As the last quarter of the year rolls in, now is the time to start planning year-end marketing campaigns. We hate to say it, but we see it often that clients leave themselves little to no time for execution and want a project done ASAP. We know we are magicians at HDM but a rushed and not well planned campaign can do your business more harm than good.

We cannot stress how vital it is to take time and consideration to review the bigger picture at hand. One idea coupled by a sequence of ideas is better than one idea with no ties.

Things to consider these upcoming months:

  1. Will I be in need to send out any Mailers in the months of November and December?

  2. THE FACT: As the holidays approach the printers and post office will be flooded and backed up. If you plan your piece appropriately you can make sure the timing of your marketing is well executed and timed when your audience will view it. 

  3. Will I be in need of any Email Campaigns? Email Topics to consider: Thankful for clients, Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday/ Small Business Saturday deals, Cheers to the Holidays, New Year Goals, ect. 

  4. THE FACT: Sending emails during this time of year might initially seem counterintuitive since everyone is busy. However, the truth is that clients genuinely value knowing they are appreciated and wanted. Consider it as nurturing your relationships rather than feeding the wolves!

  5. Will I be in need of a new brand launch?

  6. THE FACT: If you're thinking about either launching a new brand or giving a fresh update to an existing one, the last quarter of the year is the ideal period for a thorough review. Why is this the case? Well, the upcoming new year offers the perfect opportunity to introduce a new brand. You can strategically plan and execute marketing tactics that align with the idea of a fresh start, a new brand, and a revitalized approach, setting the stage for meeting your upcoming new year goals.

  7. Why should I plan on refreshing my brand on social media?

  8. THE FACT: Using the same content repeatedly can become monotonous for your clients. To maintain their interest, it's crucial to vary the way you present your content. This doesn't necessarily require a complete overhaul; even a small change in your posting style, such as adjusting your pattern or adding a new color element, can breathe new life into a brand that needs a fresh perspective. Additionally, trying something different like posting on a day you wouldn't typically post can significantly boost your reach and engagement.

Design Ghost | Hyper Digital Marketing

The Design Graveyard…

This month at HDM, we decided to have a little fun with a series that explores the ghosts of our past – the fantastic logos that never made the cut, but we secretly wish they had. As every designer knows, it can be quite challenging to convince a client to veer away from their envisioned path once it's set. There are undoubtedly some designs that continue to haunt us in our day-to-day work at HDM.

So, here's a piece of advice: If you ever find yourself in the role of the client, consider heeding your designer's suggestions about a particular style. They're often guiding you toward what "the people" will likely embrace.

Dive into this month's design graveyard tales as these creative apparitions make an appearance on our social media pages! 

What’s to come

We've been hard at work behind the scenes, brainstorming innovative strategies, fine-tuning our services, and forging new partnerships that will take your digital marketing experience to a whole new level. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results and staying at the forefront of industry trends remains unwavering. Stay tuned to our upcoming newsletters as we pull back the curtain on these exciting developments. October is just the beginning of a thrilling journey, and we can't wait to embark on it with you.

Thank you for being a part of the Hyper Digital Marketing family. Together, we'll make these remaining months of the year absolutely spectacular!


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