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If you're struggling with gaining traction on social media, this is your problem: you're not harnessing the power of short format videos. Let the HDM team be your guide and the missing link to your business's success. Short-form videos, "snackable content", demand quick attention by instantly hooking a following in seconds. With our social media video programs you will grab your audience's attention right from the start.


We play the preview game. Think of your short videos as previews for something greater. Tease upcoming content, products, or events. It keeps your audience engaged and excited.


At HDM we know that timing matters and we are here to guide you in keeping your videos concise. By understanding your audience's online habits and schedule, we plan around them curating a calendar that maximizes the impact of your video.

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What we specialize in

We take care of everything! From scripting, directing, shooting, editing, and publishing, we will help expand your Marketing Reach with catchy, WHY-focused videos. This allows you to focus on Growth! Grow your brand awareness, reach, and followers with short format videos purpose-built for social platforms.

Our Strategy




We help you keep your content SNAPPY! Attention spans are shorter than ever, we help you make your point in the first few seconds by grabbing their attention and keeping the audience engaged. At HDM we maximize on teasers leaving your audience wanting more, every time! Short form videos are to be viewed as a taste, not the whole meal and by teasing your audience with compelling snippets you leave them wanting more of the meal each time. Many users just scroll on social media without sound, that’s why captions are a necessity in the finished product. Captions make your message accessible to everyone, increasing engagement.

At HDM we have developed several unique techniques and elements for storytelling in short format videos. By sparking curiosity we make your audience curious about what's coming next. Short videos are perfect for leaving a trail of curiosity. Our goal is to create content that is watchable on repeat and that is why we embrace the power of the ability of having your videos loop. Looping boosts engagement and reinforces your message. By ending with a call to action, a call to thought, or a call to laughter, we ensure that there will be a memorable takeaway with each video. The #1 goal is to “Be Known” for something and encourage viewers to want more.

After creating several compelling scripts specifically formatted for short videos, we will work with your team to film and then the HDM team will edit all the footage into social media clips. By crafting your story in snippets, instead of a linear narrative, short videos allow you to tell your story in bite-size, intriguing pieces. Our number one goal is to keep your audience wanting more. We promote that consistency is key and short videos work best when they become a regular part of your content strategy. Consistency builds anticipation and trust.

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Are you looking to improve your social media presence and reach a larger audience? Look no further than Hyper Digital Marketing. We offer custom video social media content creation services tailored to meet the specific needs of every client. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a strategy that will help you achieve your goals and reach your target audience. Don't wait any longer to take your social media to the next level. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how we can help you succeed on social media.

Our Work

Interested in seeing what all the HDM content marketing and social media marketing hype is all about? You may recognize some of the companies below in our social media design portfolio. We're proud to have helped them achieve their goals and we hope you'll consider us for yours.

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