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Our Story

Everybody has a story, and the one of Hyper Digital Marketing is one to tell. Rooted in Michigan, HDM has grown dramatically over the past few years in staff, partnerships, and clients. We are proud to reflect that we are a woman-owned business and we are continually growing our company with other female entrepreneurs nationally. 

If you do not know the team of HDM personally it is time to get to know each and every one of us. Each staff member of HDM comes from a very unique background which is proudly displayed through their passion of work.

We like to tell all our clients that we are your partner, not a vendor.  Unique from other marketing agencies, we will not sell you one set product. We believe each company is unique and should be identified with their own unique structure. 

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Meet the team

Meet the team

Lauren Romanowski | Hyper Digital Marketing Employee

Lauren Romanowski


Kristin Cicala | Hyper Digital Marketing Employee

Kristin Cicala

Senior Designer

Megan Stropki | Hyper Digital Marketing Employee

Megan Stropki

Graphic Designer

Doug Van Selmbrouck | Hyper Digital Marketing Employee

Doug Van Slembrouck

Digital Marketing Strategist

Erin Luke | Hyper Digital Marketing Employee

Erin Luke


Heather Romanowski | Book Realm Revisions & HDM Partner

Heather Romanowski

Chief Editor

Our Partners

Our Partners

We partner with firms to give our clients the best possible experience. Our partners are experts in their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. By partnering with other companies, we are able to offer our clients more options and solutions for their needs. Check out them below!

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What we can offer you

You've probably heard the term "marketing" get thrown around a lot and you might be wondering what it means. Marketing is a broad term that can mean many things, but here at HDM, we believe that it's best when it's defined by your company needs. We offer a wide range of marketing services and we're ready to customize your program so that it fits your business like a glove.

At HDM, we believe that every business should market differently—and why would you want to sell one generic package? We know how confusing marketing can be, so let us help you get started on the right foot!


Our Client Testimonials

"HDM goes above and beyond to meet your needs. They helped to design my business cards, logo and website meeting all my expectations. They worked with me in a kind, courteous and professional manner. Items were accomplished in very timely manner. I have already recommended them to friends and would go back to them with future business. They are a one stop shop for ALL your marketing needs."


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