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Prioritize Photography

When it comes to promoting your business or investing in marketing, we strongly recommend investing in high-quality photography that matches your brand identity. By doing this, you are authentically capturing your business or product and can avoid using stock images that may be misleading. Authenticity is extremely important in today’s marketing. Below are some ideas for what can be photographed!

Headshots - Say cheese! This is a great opportunity for everyone on your staff to have a professional and updated image of themselves to use. This is great to show on your website or on social media!

Products - If you are product company, you should have images of your product from a variety of angles, positions, and settings. It is equally important to capture images of the product actively in use as well, as it displays how someone would experience using it.

Services - If you are a service provider, photographs of you and your staff in action are the way to go! This authentically captures how a client would experience the services you offer.

Interior/Exterior - If you have an office or store-front, it is important to take pictures of this space! These images allow customers to know what to expect if they visit you in person, and can be used in all sorts of marketing pieces!

Your clients want to see YOU!

Your clients don’t just follow you on social media because you provide content that is informative. They also follow you because they want to stay up to date with YOU! When your clients see your face and your actual products or services in action, you are forming a better relationship with them , and they get to know you and your business better in the process.

Looking for more?

Looking for more ways to spruce up your marketing? We are here to help. Give us a call today!

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