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Tis the Season of Gratitude!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

November begins the season of gratitude, as the holidays are quickly approaching. As a business, it is important to express gratitude to your clients or customers in some sort of way. Below are some ways you can show your appreciation!

Send handwritten holiday cards! This is a great way to send a personalized message to clients. Personal touches mean more than a generic card!

  1. Send gift baskets to top clients! Sending some sort of gift basket to your top clients is a great way to thank them for their tremendous support.

  2. Send an email to your network. Although it is less personal than a handwritten card, it is still good to send out an email campaign expressing gratitude and wishing happy holidays. The more opportunities you have to get your name in front of clients, the better.

  3. Host a holiday party for clients. This is a great way to talk with your clients face-to-face!

  4. Send a customized gift! Any opportunity you have to add a personal touch to something, take it! This can be an engraved glass, branded coaster, and more! The options are endless.

Keep in mind…

If you are considering purchasing customized gifts, or sending cards your clients this holiday season, now is the time to start the process! Around the holidays, production times can be delayed, and shipping may take extra time too. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to execute your gift-giving ideas!

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