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The Times are Changing

Pause, look around you, what has changed in your life or personal business these past few years? For many, it has been a lot! Take a moment to visualize those changes. Many business owners have needed to switch their motto for 2022 to “be prepared for change”. It’s a shock to many how inflation and ongoing supply chain issues are rising prices on consumer goods nearly across the board. The big question is how does this rise affect your company's marketing? Well, there is no way to escape it, so how can you embrace it?

How to embrace… Naturally, when inflation occurs consumer spending deflates. So how do you keep your clients naturally flowing through the door? Stay in contact with your clients and be different from your competition. If you need to increase prices, offer your clients a specialized product or feature that your competition is not offering as an incentive. Naturally, when prices rise, consumers expect more for their dollar spending.

How to market in these times: How can you give your clients “More”, without creating more expenses?

  • Put a new twist on your current services

  • Offer partnerships with local businesses for joint marketing (2 for 1)

  • Create custom bundles- instead of selling singular services

Whatever you do… Whatever you do during these hard times, don’t cut out your business’s marketing. It’s important to stay in contact with your clients and trusted referral partners. Nothing shoots up red flags like a brand disappearing completely. It’s important to still visually display your business to the public. If you need to cut back on your budget for marketing, feel free to reach out. HDM has designed plans for you and your company to still hold a strong footing through these hard times.

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