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Summer Weather = Summer Marketing

Summer is here and we're all excited for the beach, the barbecues, and the sunshine. But as a marketer, you might be worried about a dip in online sales during this season. Don't worry, at Hyper Digital Marketing we've got you covered!

Summer Marketing Musts!

Here are some summer marketing ideas to help you drive sales and engagement both in-person and online:

  1. Capitalize on Key Events: Think about events like Father's Day, Independence Day, and Back to School, and create marketing campaigns around them.

  2. Tap Into Awareness Days & Causes: There are plenty of awareness days and causes during the summer months that you can leverage to promote your brand and products.

  3. Launch (& Promote) a Summer Sale: Everyone loves a good sale, especially during the summer months when people are looking for deals.

  4. Run a Summer Competition: Encourage engagement with your brand by running a summer-themed competition or giveaway.

  5. Offer Seasonal Freebies: Giving away seasonal freebies like branded beach towels or water bottles is a great way to create goodwill with your customers.

  6. Update Your Visuals: Summer is a great time to refresh your branding and website visuals to create a seasonal vibe.

  7. Use Summer Emojis in Your Email Marketing: Spruce up your email marketing campaigns by using summer-themed emojis to catch your subscribers' attention.

Don’t get hit by a cool breeze

Summer doesn't have to mean a dip in sales. With these marketing ideas, you can drive engagement and sales both in-person and online during the summer months. If you would like custom ideas do not hesitate to reach out! At Hyper Digital Marketing it is our mission to create custom marketing approaches to help our clients succeed.

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