Is Your Profile Snackable?

No, we are not talking about actual snacks (sorry if you got a little excited), we are talking about “snackable content”! It’s a known fact that people’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, so how do you morph your social media feed into something that people can read fast? The simple answer is, through snackable content.

It’s time to revise and rethink

Times have definitely changed and if you haven’t recently considered revising your current content, now may be the time. With the rise of Tik Tok videos, and stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, people more than ever crave content that is “snackable”. This means that people’s social media attention spans are short, so it’s important to post information that is easy to digest. One way to achieve this is by design! Posting graphics or illustrations that simplify a topic allows people to get value out of a post quickly.

Add Snackable content to your Instagram stories.

Stories are a great way to reach clients in a different way! Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, or even snapchat, it is a new avenue to be reaching clients with quick and easily digestible content. Below are some of the benefits of posting regularly to your stories:

  1. Increased brand awareness

  2. More consistent engagement with followers

  3. Increased traffic to your pages and website

  4. Opportunities to reach younger audiences

Not sure how to achieve this?

Hyper Digital Marketing’s team of social media experts can help you put together content to best capture your audience.

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